Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 CD Keygen Crack

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Keygen Crack

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Features : 
  • New engine is for current-gen platforms "which will continue to be dominant in the market, but is fully scalable for future versions."
  • Improved graphics and seamless animation. Konami say, "gone are the limitations imposed by dated animations systems and AI elements".
  • Every element of play has been reworked to "create a fresh and energetic new standard for football titles". 
  • The PES series retain exclusive UEFA Champions League license. Konami confirm other tournaments will be announced shortly.
  • New M.A.S.S collision system implemented, more tackling styles, and improved animations, player movements, kit details, facial expressions and stadiums.
  • PES ID determines different playing styles for different teams. Twice as many players now benefit from Player ID.
  • Kei Masuda: All materials we're releasing are taken from current-gen platforms and are fully in-game. PES 2014 is at about 70% completion.
  • Teams are affected by matchday crowds and individual player performances.
  • Improved flow of matches with "no more cut scenes after specific events".
  • Stadiums will be faithful to real-life. Entrances to pitches recreated and moving crowds during matches.
  • Free kicks and penalties have been "radically changed". Decoy runs added, as well as unrestricted short passes. Goalkeepers can now move along their line before the penalty kick has been taken.

Video Proof

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